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Gary Jacobs is the managing director of Jacobs Investment Company LLC, San Diego, California. He serves as chairman of the board of DermTech International, Nutrinia Ltd., GEO2 Technologies Inc., and is on the board of Fallbrook Technologies. He is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of High Tech High (HTH) Graduate School of Education and the National High School Reform movement.

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Kayid Abu Ayash,founder and CEO of Abu Ayash Brothers Ltd., a leading construction company in Israel, employing more than 300 people. One of the founders of NGT, Kayid served as its first chairman. Active in the community, Kayid supports the Nazareth youth soccer team, Achi-Nazareth, and chaired the Nazareth Hospital board of directors.

Dr. Salvador Pascual is a general surgeon, founder and owner of the Jose Manuel Pascual Company, a company that owns and operates six private hospitals in Spain and is dedicated to promoting and managing health care services.

Noreen Gordon Sablotsky, VP portfolio development Jacobs investment Company LLC ,Until 2016, co-founded Noven Pharmaceuticals in Miami, Florida, in 1987. She was actively involved in the company until 2001. A publicly traded company, Noven specializes in R&D, manufacturing, and sales. Hisamitsu Pharmaceuticals acquired Noven in 2010.

Roni Shabat is a creative, successful entrepreneur and director of R&D, who has extensive experience in product development from initial idea to final product and production. Roni has a unique understanding of engineering and complex systems, combining plastics, metals, electronics and design.

Nasri Said is one of NGT’s founders. He brings vast experience from more than 15 years’ in screening, establishing, investing, and managing early-stage companies in the life sciences and medical devices, and supporting entrepreneurs in both the Arab and Jewish sectors from day 1. He chairs or sits on the boards of a number of NGT portfolio companies. Nasri received a dip.-ing in electrical engineering.

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