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NGT3 is the next generation of NGT, which operated as technological incubator since 2002. NGT3 is a unique venture capital fund and partnership, with European, American and Israeli partners, who share the vision of investment in early-stage technology-based start-up companies with social agenda. NGT3 brings new opportunities while remaining rooted in Nazareth, the largest Arab city in Israel’s Galilee. We start and fund early-stage companies, primarily in innovative medical devices and life sciences, and encourage Arab and Jewish entrepreneurship. NGT3 companies operate within the framework of an Israeli government-licensed technological incubator. At NGT3, we focus on our “triple” bottom line by:
  • Developing and creating value to cutting-edge medical technologies and start-up companies
  • Providing high financial return for our partners and investors
  • Fostering a social agenda of inclusion and multicultural collaboration

Our Values

  • Professionalism: We aim for excellence and operate with integrity and fairness throughout our entire organization.
  • Partnership: Collaboration with investors and innovators is our goal. We manage with trust and transparency, fostering cooperation between people - Arab and Jewish, Israelis and non-Israelis.
  • Passion: On top of the in-depth professional work, we work from the heart. Passion drives our management and board, our investors and innovators to reach our triple bottom line - a focused social agenda, value creation to breakthrough technologies, and high ROI. We are passionate about setting and meeting our goals and getting the job done.
  • Innovation: We take great pride in both the new technologies our early-stage portfolio companies bring to the world, as well as being a model  of innovation in investment with social impact.
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