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One goal of NGT3’s social agenda is to develop and improve the economic potential, and by extension the socioeconomic situation of Arabs citizens of Israel, by providing the infrastructure for starting and funding, early-stage technology companies involved in the life sciences and medical devices.

Our impact investment model includes working together with entrepreneurs and scientists from both the Arab and Jewish societies, and from the Israeli and international business communities. We continue our ongoing efforts to

  • Integrate Arab academics in the employment market
  • Establish a support system for technological innovations from Arab researchers and scientists
  • Develop entrepreneurial role models from the Arab sector, and
  • Invest in and develop Israel’s periphery

To achieve our agenda, we cooperate with three research centers in the Arab sector:

  • Galilee R&D in Shefar-Amer (Shefar’am)
  • Triangle R&D Center (TRDC), in Kfar Qara, is a nonprofit NGO dedicated to bringing “applied research to the Arab community in the Triangle region” (Israeli Arabs towns in east-central Israel)
  • R&D Center at Al-Qasemi Academic College of Education in Baka al-Gharbiyye.
  • We collaborate with Israel's academic institution, medical institutions, hospitals and more.

NGT3 (including old NGT) in numbers:

44% of companies established to date were with an Arab Entrepreneurs

44% of companies established to date were with a Jewish Entrepreneur

12% were joint Arab-Jewish entrepreneurs

 NGT3 is an impact investment with a triple bottom line:  Investing in innovative medical, pharma and Biotech companies; Delivering a high financial to investors and partners, and Fostering a social agenda of inclusion and shared society.

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