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Needle-Free safe and efficient access to the pericardial space


About us

CardioVia is a medical device company in the field of cardiology. Established in 2018 in Nazareth, Israel, the company is developing a novel minimal invasive, safe and efficient needle-free access to the pericardial space (the membrane that surrounds the heart). The access to the outer surface of the heart through the pericardium is needed in order to treat the most prevalent Cardiovascular Diseases and arrhythmias without using a needle.

​By using CardioVia’s system, physicians will be able to perform procedures on one of the most delicate and complicated instrument that the human body has with full confidence and a sense of safeness for them and their patients.


The Need

The pericardium is a highly sensitive double walled sac that surrounds the heart and protects it by preventing friction of the muscle with other organs during contractions.

Penetration to the pericardial space carries a great risk of harming the heart as current procedures use a sharp needle that is directed towards the beating heart and fail to generate a secure workspace. The pericardium tissue is very thin and is in average  only 1-3 mm thick while current techniques lack sufficient monitoring and control and don’t address the fact that during the penetration process the heart is in constant motion.

An example for how the procedure of reaching the pericardial space for liquid drainage is done today:

Penetrating the pericardial space requires agility, experience and great precision and most physicians would prefer a better solution that will minimize the risk for their patients.


The Solution

CardioVia's device performs an accurate entrance between the layers of the pericardium thanks to cutting edge technologies while changing the way we think about the access. NO needle is exposed towards the heart.

The procedure is performed in a controlled and measured manner, while synchronizing with the heartbeats and the system allows penetration to the outer surface of the pericardial space without the risk of puncturing the heart muscle. 

While using a unique geometric structure tip, CardioVia's system utilizes the physiological differences between the pericardial tissue and the heart muscle itself. 

Once inserted, the device anchors to the pericardium and serves as a pathway that allows through it easy and secure continuous access.


The Market

CardioVia is targeting three main segments of patients that need a safer and a more efficient access to the pericardial space:

  • Mapping and Ablation procedures for arrhythmias (A-fib, VT)
  • Pericardium conditions (Cardiac Tamponade, Pericardial Effusion)
  • Further applications (drugs, stem cells, gene therapy delivery and pacemaker implementation)

The Team

Ziv Menshes - Co-Founder, CEO

Ziv has experience in managerial and economic activities with a demonstrated history in consulting for government offices and in the machinery industry.

Ziv Holds a B.Sc. in economics and agriculture and an MBA specializing in Strategy & Entrepreneurship and Urban, Community and Regional Planning, both degrees from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Or Hazan, Co-Founder, Director & VP Product Development

Or brings managerial experience and project management skills in the medical device industries. He also gained experience in vast legal aspects of Hi-tech companies as he specialized at APM&Co.

Or holds an LLB. and a Masters in Business Law with specialization in Finance, both degrees accomplished with distinctions from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Or also has a Diplomacy in Biomed Development from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.


Maor Rosenberg – CTO

Maor has vast R&D, mechanical design, project management and team leadership experience in the medical-device industry and in the past few years has been focused on medical implants and electro mechanical disposables. Prior to joining CardioVia, Maor served as an R&D mechanical Engineer in the field of medical infusion systems.

Maor holds a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering and is completing his M.Sc. in Bio-medical engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.


Nizar Mishael – CFO

Nizar has hands-on financial management experience at all levels: from seed investment through early and late financial rounds. He serves as managing partner and CFO of NGT3vc early stage fund. Nizar is a certified CPA and holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University’s Recanati program.


Ran Eliaz – MD, Co-Founder & Medical advisor

Dr. Ran Eliaz is an attending physician at Hadassah Hebrew university medical center, currently working at the Heart Institute in Hadassah Medical Center gaining expertise in the field of Coronary and structural interventions as well as basic science and research, and preparing for his fellowship in interventional cardiology in 2019. 


Yonatan Avraham Demma – MD, Co-Founder & Medical advisor

Dr. Demma is a Senior Surgeon at Hadassah Medical Center. He had his residency in Hadassah’s Medical Center and is about to perform a fellowship in surgery of the esophagus in Paris, France.  Dr Demma is currently studying for a Master of Health Administration and furthermore serves as an instructor and physician in the medical corps of the Israel Defense Force (IDF).


Zohar Gendler – Director

Managing Partner & CEO of NGT3VC. Former CEO & director of Beta-O2 Technologies (developed proprietary implantable bio-artificial pancreas). Served as CEO of the Technion Technological Incubator for 11 years. Led the establishment and investment in 53 companies, such as Prolor Biotech (sold to OPKO, $480M), Mazor Robotics (Sold to Medtronic, $1.6B), ReWalk (NASDAQ: RWLK), Corindus (Sold to Siemens, $1.1B), and many others.

Contact Information

Ziv Menshes, B.SC, MBA
Co-Founder & CEO, NGT3 VC Technological Incubator

P.O. Box 1252, Nazareth Illit 17111, Israel
Cellular: +972-52-480-7162
Work:     +972-4-6098606
Fax:        +972-4-6564129
Email:     ziv@cardiovia.com

Or Hazan, LLB, LLM
Co-Founder & VP PD and Director, NGT3 VC Technological Incubator

P.O. Box 1252, Nazareth Illit 17111, Israel
Cellular: +972-54-808-1465
Work:     +972-4-6098606
Fax:        +972-4-6564129
Email:     or@cardiovia.com


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