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EIO Biomedical is an innovative biotechnology company developing a medical device for the prevention of post-surgical adhesions. EIO Biomedical is an NGT3 VC portfolio company established in 2016.

Located in Nazareth, Israel, the company secured financing of 3M NIS from NGT3 VC (www.ngt3vc.com ) and the Israeli Office of Chief Scientist (OCS).

The need


Surgical adhesions are one of the most pressing problems in general surgery today. Adhesions lead to a variety of post-operative complications, from life-threatening bowel obstruction and up to chronic and debilitating pain. According to the British medical journal The Lancet, 35% of people who have had abdominal surgery will end up in the hospital twice within 10 years, 22% within 1 year. Surgical adhesions are a major unmet need, as current solutions have failed to significantly improve these complications. EIO Biomedical is working on a novel medical device that will issue a sprayable adhesion barrier capable of actively reducing the extent of the problem.

The Product

Our proprietary device and bio-process converts a single unit of blood plasma for infusion, to generate a unique enzymatic combination that actively reduces the adhesion formation process. A disposable kit provided with the device ensures that each patient receives a safe and sterile product.

Intellectual Property

PCT application filed.

Preliminary results

Standard rat models were used to test the EIO Biomedical adhesion prevention solution. Results show a dramatic and statistically significant reduction in surgical adhesions in treated vs. control rats.


The Market

The adhesion prevention market was estimated to be approximately $1.3 Billion already in 1994, in the US alone. Rising awareness to the extent of the problem has brought double-digit growth to this market. Current estimates have the US and European markets estimated at over $10 Billion by 2020.


Regulatory Pathway

Regulatory approvals are expected to be as a class III medical device (PMA).



Dr. Yair Pilpel, PhD – CEO

Graduate of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Post-doctoral research at the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg, and the Salk Institute in San Diego. Over five years in the biotech industry in roles of R&D lead, and production & development manager in both industry leading (J&J) and start-up companies.

Zohar Gendler- Chairman of the BOD

Former CEO and director of Beta-O2 Technologies. Served as CEO of the Technion Entrepreneurial Incubator for a period of 11 years. Zohar led the establishment and investment in more than 50 companies.

Dr. Arie Ben Josef, DMD, MSc. – Business Development Director
Over 25 years of managerial experience in the medical device and healthcare managment industries. Former CEO of ETView Medical, he took public in 2010 and led to 3 consecutive public offerings.


Contact Information

Dr. Yair Pilpel
CEO – EIO Biomedical Ltd. NGT3 VC Technological Incubator
P.O. Box 1252, Nazareth Illit 17111, Israel

Cellular: +972-52-6331487
Work: +972-4-6098600
Fax: +972-4-6564129
Email: yair@eiobio.com


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