We named our company ELGAN Pharma, as we are dedicated to improving outcome for babies who are Extremely Low Gestational Age Newborns (ELGANs). This means they are born more than 3 months before term.

Premature birth is the number one cause of newborn deaths. With improved standard-of-care worldwide, survival rate increases, leading to the need of improving outcome and quality of life.

ELGAN Pharma is a clinical stage, neonatology-focused biotechnology company, dedicated to developing safe tailored therapies to address medical problems and developmental difficulties that are common in babies born very early.


ELGN-EYE: The need 

Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is a disease that occurs in preterm infants (born before 32 weeks gestation). It makes normal blood vessels grow slower, and additional blood vessels grow abnormally and randomly in the eye, causing vision impairment, sometimes leading to blindness. Current management procedures include the off-label use of anti-VEGF injections and laser coagulation, both have been demonstrated to cause severe long-term damage to the infants’ outcome, thus used only when vision loss is imminent.

The solution 

ELGAN Pharma developed a therapy that prevents the multifactorial visual impairment of preterm infants. The therapy is provided locally as eye drops, it is a combination of compounds that target inhibiting the complex aspects of the disease progression on one hand, and stimulating vessels and retinal layers to fully develop normally, on the other. It is based on enhanced drug penetration profile using nano-particulate based formulation. The novelty is in the combination and route of administration, alongside the tailored formulation, these substantiate the company IP coverage.

Value proposition

The therapy would prevent significant disability and improve the visual outcomes of preterm infants at risk. Vision impairment and ophthalmology are the number one specialty of expert medical care for premature infants, three times that of term born children. Severe vision loss and blindness leads to enormous loss of GDP for the individual as well as the parents: annual lifetime loss estimated $214B . In addition, ROP and delayed visual development is strongly linked with cognitive disabilities expanding the risks imposed on the infants.

The team

The innovative biotechnology company ELGAN Pharma main asset is represented by the expert team, composed of personnel in different and complementary areas – such as pharmaceutical drug development, chemistry, mathematics, Regulatory and clinical affairs. The team has vast experience in neonatal drug development from inception to late stage clinical development. In addition, Key Opinion Leaders in Europe and the USA are involved and are actively involved in the company’s clinical development plan.

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