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Non-invasive Guided Endotracheal Intubation Device

About us

Guide In Medical is specializing in airway management and respiration and developed a guided intubation device. The company is ISO 13485 certified and received the CE Mark, FDA, Health Canada and Israeli AMAR marketing approvals. Guide In has secured funding from NGT3VC and CTS group, one of the most prominent healthcare companies in Israel. Guide In has established a production line and recently secured a global distribution agreement with a large strategic partner. The company also expends its product pipeline via the development of a new automated ventilator.


The Need

Endotracheal intubation is the placement of an endotracheal tube (ETT) into the trachea of patients who need artificial ventilation to maintain a constant supply of oxygen to the lungs. The core challenge in endotracheal intubation is having the ability to correctly and precisely identify and visualize the entrance to the trachea. In cases in which visualization is limited due to anatomical malformations, secretions, blood, obesity or lack of expertise of the attending medical staff, the chances of ETT misplacement rise dramatically and can lead to severe clinical complications.
Tracheal injuries due to imprecise intubation are associated with a prolonged hospital stay by 1.1 days, on average, and an added cost of $1,888 per case. Readmission due to tracheal injury can last as long as 4.7 days on average, resulting in an average cost of $11,025.

The Product

  1.  IRRIS -Guide In has developed a unique patent protected medical device - the IRRIS; a noninvasive electronic illumination patch placed on the patient’s neck. The device transmits light of a specific wavelength to the underlying tissues, the light safely penetrates the neck tissues and emits back solely from the trachea while absorbed by the esophagus, thus enabling a clear identification of the trachea's entrance and position even in difficult situations. Video laryngoscopes, which are capable of detecting the emitted light, are used to guide the insertion of the ETT into the trachea.



 2. LifeCan Medical - In a nutshell:

  • The single most scarce medical device in hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic are automated ventilators. This is why people are dying, for instance in Italy.
  • LifeCan is a simplified respirator, developed as a spin-off from Guide In Medical, a company in the intubation space.
  • The Product was chosen by the Israeli Prime Minister’s office and the Ministry of Defense as a National Priority Project and is rushed into production in thousands of units by the Israeli Aerospace Industries.
  •  We already have Letters of Intent for immediate purchases from international hospitals too.
  • We are fundraising in order to set up to meet international demand.

This is a life-saving product, coming out of Israel on a super-short timeline with both immediate need and longterm viability. This is an opportunity for a lucrative investment while also saving lives – right now.

The Market

Approximately 100 million intubation procedures are performed globally each year.
The U.S. is the largest market, accounting for roughly one third of these procedures and represents 46% of the global airway device market with a market size of $650M.

Management Team:

Gadi Sicherman, CEO

Gadi is creative, mission and vision driven, experienced in bringing multidisciplinary and medical devices technological and initiatives to success and significant presence in a competitive sophisticated global market. He is experienced in leading complicated and challenging multicultural team and multifunctional products to focus and success.


Ariel Shrem, Co-Founder & Director

Graduated from the Israeli Air Force (IAF) elite airborne rescue and evacuation unit (Unit 669). He brings managerial experience and project management skills in the medical-device and pharmaceutical industries. Ariel holds a B.Sc. in Biology and an MBA (with distinction). 


Nir Tsouri - COO

Over 15 years of experience in medical device and military avionics companies. Nir has extensive experience in Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics and Purchasing, QA, ERP systems and customer service. Holds a B.Sc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Dr. Elchanan Fried - Co-founder & Medical advisor

Head of the ICU in Hadassah medical center, Mt. Scopus. Residency and fellowship in Hadassah‘s medical centers, and critical care fellowship in Toronto, Canada. Instructor and physician in the IDF medical corps.


Nizar Mishael, CFO

Nizar has hands-on financial management experience at all levels: from seed investment through early and late financial rounds. He served as managing partner and CFO of NGT3vc early stage fund. Nizar is a certified CPA and holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University’s Recanati program.


Contact information

Gadi sicherman ,B.SC, MBA CEO

NGT3 VC Technological Incubator

P.O. Box 1252, Nazareth Illit 17111, Israel

Cellular: +972-507732122

Work: +972-4-6098600

Fax: +972-4-6564129

Email: gadi@guideinmed.com


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