Nurami Medical nanofiber technology

Nurami Medical Ltd. is a medical device company with a revolutionary proprietary nanofiber and sealant technology for the soft tissue repair market worth over $10 billion globally. With its capability of producing highly flexible and durable patches that seal undesired leakages and enhance tissue regeneration, Nurami is positioned at the forefront of next-generation surgery. Nurami’s first soft tissue repair product is a dural substitute patch for neurosurgeries

Nurami Medical Nurami Medical Nurami Medical


The need and market:

Nurami addresses the Dural repair market with ~800K units sold annually, and estimated $900 million sales in 2016 (with 15% growth/year in the Chinese market). The collagen dural substitutes that are used today are mechanically weak, seal poorly and have high cost ($800/patch in US). To overcome leakage, neurosurgeons also apply a liquid sealant (extra cost: $400).

Nurami Medical’s solution:
Nurami has designed a unique biodegradable patch that combines a porous fiber design with a smart sealant already embedded in the patch:

No post-operative leakage

No need to use a liquid sealant

Zero risk of transmittable diseases

Safe and rapid tissue regeneration

No adhesions to the brain

Biodegrades safely

Superior strength and flexibility

Natural, dura-like thickness (~0.5mm)

Intellectual property:

PCT applied in US, EU, China and Canada. A second provisional submitted in Feb 2017.

Present status:

  • Nurami was established 3 years ago and raised $2M.
  • Preclinical trials showed excellent results and are expected mostly to complete by Q3 2017.
  • Nurami is now establishing mid-scale production facility.
  • Nurami seeks $2.5 M to achieve CE and FDA approvals, expected in Q1 Sales in USA and EU are expected to start in Q2 2019.
  • Nurami is currently working on a next-generation of ArtiFascia® that could adhere to tissues without the need for sutures. Other potential applications already in R&D: thoracic surgery and colorectal anastomoses.



Dr. Amir Bahar, co-Founder, CEO.  An entrepreneur with over 20 years of pre-clinical experience.

Nora Nseir, MSc. co-Founder, CTO.  A tissue engineer with extensive experience in developing nanofiber based medical devices and biomaterials.

Doron Birger, Chairman Board. Former CEO of Elron investment company (NASDAQ) and chairman of Given Imaging (purchased by Covidien, $1B).


Advisory Board:

Prof. Issam Awad, Director of the neurovascular division in Chicago University Hospital.

Dr. Sagi Harnof, Head of Neurosurgery, Rabin Medical Center, Israel.

Prof. Eyal Zussman, Technion. A world-renowned expert in nanofibers.

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