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OTTek, a state-of-the-art innovative practical GI endoscopy solutions, medical device company, has developed the FIOT (Flow In Over Tube), a versatile, on-demand, easy-to-assemble, cost-effective, colonoscopy assist device.
The FIOT is designed to reduce the risks resulting from poor visualization in an insufficiently prepared colon and to facilitate successful completion of the procedure.

Market & Need

15 million people undergo colonoscopy annually in the US (~30 million WW). Approximately 10% of these procedures are performed in hospitals. Studies suggest that over 50% of the in-patients (hospitalized) and about 25% of the outpatients, undergoing colonoscopy have inadequate bowel preparation, which raises the need to resolve the following:

• Impaired visualization and reduced ability to detect and remove polyps and cancerous tissues
• Increased risk of incomplete colonoscopy, requiring repeat procedure or shortened follow-up intervals
• Delayed diagnosis and treatment, prolonged hospitalization and their associated direct and indirect costs

The Technology and The Product

The FIOT creates a working channel wider than the endoscope for rapid, efficient and unprecedented cleansing.
Single use device, compatible with most endoscopes, the FIOT functions as an “everting hollow tube, to further improve the colonoscopy procedure by:

  •  Higher polyp detection rate
  •  Easy and rapid repositioning when large polyp removal requires full withdrawal of the endoscope
  •  Rapid cleansing in cases of severe colon bleeding
  •  Stabilization of the endoscope during polyp removal
  •  Protection of the colon wall and prevention of endoscope looping
  •  Easy maneuvering and improved ability to reach the caecum
  •  Safe removal of entire cancerous polyps through the FIOT lumen
  •  Easy exchanging of instruments, supporting advanced colonoscopy.

The FIOT is designed to overcome critical endoscopy challenges, improving both clinical outcomes and healthcare economics:

  •  Higher colonoscopy completion rate, preventing repeat procedures
  •  Improved efficacy
  •  Fewer adverse events, e.g. perforation
  •  Improved cost-effectiveness by preventing the need for additional procedures and prolonged hospitalization
  •  Decrease the need for open or laparoscopic surgery


The Team





Yoav Lichtenstein
Inventor and CEO

Over 25 years’ experience as team member, leader and manager in the development of medical systems (Biosense Webster, EPD Medical), industrial systems (Scitex, Creo, InkSure), and military systems (Elop). Inventor and co-inventor of over 20 patents in optics, mechanics and electronics. BSc Electronic Engineering, Tel Aviv University; MBA, Bar-Ilan University.


Zohar Gendler



Zohar Gendler
 & Managing Partner at NGT3 VC, Board Member

Former CEO and director of Beta-O2 Technologies. Served as CEO of the Technion Entrepreneurial Incubator. Led establishment of and investment in more than 50 companies, including: Prolor Biotech (sold to OPKO, NYSE: OPK), Mazor Robotics (NASDAQ: MZOR), ReWalk (NASDAQ: RWLK), Corindus (NASDAQ: CVRS), Regentis and many others.


Nizar Mishael


Nizar Mishael 

CFO and Board Member at NGT3 VC

CFO of over 30 start-up companies since joining NGT3 in 2006, Nizar has hands-on financial management experience at all levels: from seed investment through early and late financial rounds.



Yoram Halevy

Director, Business Development

Experience of 38 years in the Industry. Held management roles in HR, Quality Assurance, Entrepreneurship and Investments. Served as CEO of a Technological Incubator in Ofakim for more than 12 years. Established a Bio-Med Technological Incubator, based on the Israeli model, in Guangzhou, China.





Dr. Amir Toren
CTO and BD at NGT3 VC, Business Development
Over 18 years in executive management positions in the medical device and healthcare industries, including MediWound (R&D manager), Pluristem (VP BD), and extensive experience in CEO positions
(Coeruleus, JPMed and StarletDerma).


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OTTek Ltd.

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