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Paragate Medical is developing a unique implantable device for continuous relief of congestive heart failure patients’ clinical symptoms and associated healthcare burden.

The Need

Pathologic fluid overload is a major symptom and cause of clinical distress in heart failure (HF) and chronic kidney disease (CKD). It is associated with shortness of breath, peripheral edema, ascites and the need for hospitalization for intravenous excess diuretics and more aggressive treatments for the diuretic resistant patient, such as frequent dialysis or paracentesis.  2% of the adult population worldwide suffer from HF and 10-16% from CKD, including its early silent stages, with annual growth of 5-7%. The economic burden results in 6-12% of total worldwide healthcare budget, particularly due to repeated hospitalizations. There is a significant need for an efficient implantable device that is capable of continuous clearance of systemic congestion.

The Solution

By utilizing a specific anatomical membrane’s properties and through a unique absorption element (patented design), our fully implantable and minimally invasive device is capable of removing the excess extracellular fluid from the body, in rate of 1 liter a day, as demonstrated in our pre-clinical feasibility testing. In addition to enabling an efficient approach to HF patient management, the device offers a therapeutic benefit by reducing blood volume and pressure overload.

The Team

Yair Feld M.D., Ph.D. – Co-founder, Inventor & Medical director; Cardiologist at Rambam Medical Center. Over 15 years of entrepreneurship and clinical research. Founder of CorAssist cardiovascular, Nephera, ProArc, and GeneGrafts. B.Sc. in Physics, TAU, M.D./Ph.D. (Physiology, Biophysics), Technion, Haifa.

Nitai Hanani, M.Sc. – Co-founder & CEO; Over 10 years R&D experience in Neuromodulation, cardiac rhythm management and respiratory fields, both in engineering and management positions. Holds B.Sc., M.Sc. in Biomedical engineering, Technion, Haifa.

Contact Information:
Nitai Hanani, CEO
Paragate Medical at NGT3 Technological Incubator
P.O. Box 1252, Nazareth Illit 17111, Israel

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