An Innovative approach for the Repair of Tendon Rupture:
Development of A Minimally Invasive Implant & A Deployment System

At a Glance

TendoMend is developing a minimally invasive implant and a corresponding deployment system, aiming to replace the traditional outdated suturing approach in tendon repair.

The Need

Suturing has been the gold standard in tendon repair for decades. A variety of different repair suturing methods are employed in the clinical setting, indicating that there is currently no unified, user friendly technique for tendon repair. Tendon rupture surgery requires a high skill of the surgeon and a relative great deal of time for locating the tendon and stitching. Furthermore, the results of the surgery are accompanied by a high percentage of complications involving movement limitation, adhesion, non-return to full function and repeated surgery.
Hand tendon lacerations are notoriously difficult to treat with over 25% of patients achieving an unsatisfactory clinical outcome as assessed by the clinician, and over 7% of repairs, require repeated surgery. Most of the complications are due to either adhesion of the tendon with surrounding tissues once passive physiotherapy is implemented post-op or re-rapture in the case of active physiotherapy is adopted. These complications originate from the limitations of today’s surgical suturing approach.

Our Solution

Dynamic Tendon Grip (DTG) device
Our DTG device is combined of a miniaturized implant and a dedicated applicator. The implant establishes a grip that is based on an external embrace of the tendon. This prevents damage to the tendon texture and allows for a stronger, less traumatic connection, while maintaining the original tendon profile. This device allows tendon gliding inside the pulleys with minimal trauma to the surroundings.
Using the device will significantly shorten the duration of the procedure, simplifying it and ensuring repeatable outcomes. As a result, tendon strength and its smooth gliding will be maintained, so “Early Active” rehabilitation regimens could be treated in close proximity to the end of surgery. This will prevent adhesions and reduce the level of post-surgery complications.


Intellectual Property

Two broad patents are protecting the device and its implementation and covering the unique concept and structure of the DTG device and its applications.

The Market

Tendon laceration is a common injury were more than half of the cases occurred in the hand and wrist with an incidence of about 50 cases per 100,000 per year.
The global number of tendon rupture incidences is estimated to be in the range of 2M cases annually. With a conservative market price of $500, the overall total available market for this prime application is estimated to be more than $500 million per year.

Management Team:

Over 20 years’ experience in the medical device frame, with over ten years of experience leading medical device start-ups with proven business achievements.
Holds a bachelor's degree in microbiology Engineering, Technion, Haifa and an MBA.

Has served as founder and CEO of several public and private start-ups in the medical device and bio-tech industries, raising millions $ in seed capital. Among the companies are Organitech Inc., Deliverance Ltd., NovoSurge Technologies Ltd., F.D. Cardio Ltd., Microvascular Eye Technology (MET) Ltd., and CardioSafe Ltd. which was acquired by Xtent Inc.
Holds B.Sc. from the Hebrew Univ., MS.c. from the Weizmann Institute and MBA from the Univ. of Haifa

A leading Greek orthopedic surgeon at the private Athens Medical Group of hospitals since 2001 and former Director of Orthopaedic Department at KAT Hospital in Athens, Greece. Dr. Valavanis did his fellowship practice in the U.S. and also completed a Ph.D. in Biomedical engineering..

A veteran bio-medical engineer with numerous experiences in developing innovative medical devices. Dr. Shezifi completed his Ph.D. studies at Technion and served as CTO in a number of medical device start-ups such as Expandis Ltd., Keystone Heart Ltd., and Insyscope Ltd.

Advisory Board:


Head of the Hand Surgical Department in Sheba Medical Center. Former chair of the Israeli's hand surgery association.


Head of the hand surgery unit at Rabin Medical Center, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon, specializes in Hand Surgery.


Director of Handheld Rehabilitation Unit at Tel Hashomer Rehabilitation Hospital, PhD in upper limb rehabilitation. Lecturer in Tel Aviv University. About 35 years’ experience in the Sheba Medical Center in the field of hand rehabilitation including Nerve tendon injuries, fractures and musculoskeletal disease and more.

Contact information  

Peled Shahar, CEO
NGT3 VC Technological Incubator
P.O. Box 1252, Nazareth Illit 17111, Israel
Cellular: +972-54-223-4082
Work: +972-4-6098629
Fax: +972-4-6564129
Email: shahar@tendomend.com

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