Epidutech is developing a revolutionary system for minimally invasive lumbar spine surgery, by a precision motor driven and electromagnetically guided flexible metal catheter. disrupting and taking a significant share of an 8 billion-dollar market

The Need

Lumbar spine is the most frequently operated area of the spine, at about 60-70% of the overall cases, due to being the primary load bearer which creates the conditions of disc herniation and other degenerative processes. The current most common procedure to relieve pain by nerve decompression is open lumbar spine surgery through posterior lumbar musculature striping. Soft tissue exposure, especially in multi-level surgery, increases post-operative pain, muscle injury and slows rehabilitation. Often the surgeon uses lumbar spine instrumentation and vertebra fusion instead of decompression alone due to the extent of decompression required, requiring cutting and removal of spinal bone (lamina), discs and ligaments. Currently, there is no effective system to achieve decompression and minimize surgical soft tissue injury, and operating from within the epidural space.

The Solution

Epidutech is developing a unique system that allows minimally invasive lumbar spine decompression with minimal risk to patient and surgeon. The system combines a mechanical catheter, robotically controlled and electromagnetically navigated within the epidural canal to achieve surgical decompression.

The Market

About 1 million spine surgeries are performed every year in the USA, of which 60-70% are in the lumbar spine section. The global market for spine surgery devices is estimated to be about $16 billion in 2018, growing more than 6% per annum. This growth is driven by mostly by the worldwide ageing population, the Increasing incidence of obesity, advances in diagnostics and treatment and improved healthcare and prosperity in global markets.

The Team

Ron Nezer –CEO
Ron is an experienced technology business leader. Ron was CEO of Interdan Energy, a pioneering and leader in renewable energy solutions, lighting and IOT systems. Previously, Ron was general manager at SI Diamond Technologies (currently Applied Nanotech), specializing in display technology R&D, manufacturing and application, as well as semiconductor development and production. Ron has a Bsc. Industrial Engineering from the Technion in Haifa, and an MBA from Mccomb’s School of Business, UT Austin, TX

Daniel Messinger –CTO
Daniel Messinger is a senior mechanical engineer, innovator and experienced with developing medical devices. Served as CTO at Rescuedose and Augmedics Daniel has numerous patents and has published articles in exclusive international journals. Daniel has a BSc. Mechanical Engineering from the Technion in Haifa

Kobi Dekel – VP R&D
Kobi has vast experience in technology, building, and leading teams of Hi-Tech companies, with overall responsibility for all R&D activities. His experience is in leadership, innovation (Imaging tech), management, and entrepreneurship. He has served as a researcher, software team leader (at Medivi (Founder), Direx, ASI) and technology, system engineering and projects manager in Elbit and Rafael, as well as Founder of ESF, SBT startups.

Dr. Raphael Lotan MD – Advisor
Dr. Lotan is a senior spine surgeon and head of the Orthopedic Surgery Department at Wolfson Medical Center, Holon, Israel. In addition, Dr. Lotan is a Clinical instructor of surgery at the Tel–Aviv University medical school and has Masters in Health Administration, Dr. Lotan is a MD, MHA, from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Zohar Gendler – Director
Managing Partner & CEO of NGT3VC. Former CEO & director of Beta-O2 Technologies (developed proprietary implantable bio-artificial pancreas). Served as CEO of the Technion Technological Incubator for 11 years. Led the establishment and investment in 53 companies, such as Prolor Biotech (sold to OPKO, $480M), Mazor Robotics (Sold to Medtronic, $1.6B), ReWalk (NASDAQ: RWLK), Corindus (Sold to Siemens, $1.1B), and many others..

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