GeneArrest was founded in 2009 by Dr. Mizied Falah,  and Dr. Anwar Rayan, both experienced researchers in drug discovery and development process.

GeneArrest’s antigene drug discovery platform is a rapid and efficient route to capitalize on new insights in genomic information to make novel drugs.

GeneArrest's novel technology is targeted at altering gene expression by highly specific molecules which bind tightly and selectively to predetermined sequences in the major groove of double-stranded DNA. 

GeneArrest’s technology is based on proprietary bioinformatics tools used to design selective & specific gene-silencing chemicals.
GeneArrest's technology platform has broad applications and is focused now on gene silencing.
With GeneArrest's technology, drugs can be created for any gene including genes that are considered "un-druggable" by traditional small molecule technology.

Contact: Dr. Anwar Rayan, CTO & Co-Founder, 972-54-5848338.

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